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Dying for a change.......

Smoking Cessation

From the moment you make the appointment the therapy starts....


The first thing I ask you to do is plan a countdown to your 'End Day' - the day you will finish smoking, this will be the day when you see me.

It is a intense 90 minutes, the first 30 minutes will be a counselling session explaining the process and form filling. This is your chance to talk frankly and in more depth about your smoking habits. This allows you to focus your mind and therefore your commitment and allows me to customise the therapy to suit you. The second session is one hour, and reinforces how you are getting on. After that there will be no follow up.


Before you arrive


You will need to work out which will be your last packet and plan to get though that packet, until you have the last and final cigarette, just before your appointment. Savour this cigarette and know that this is your last. This exercise will help to condition your mental thought processes and strengthen your commitment prior to your therapy session.

Helen Snape